Five Simple Rules That Every Investor Needs to Follow

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Each rule provides a foundational approach to investing, focusing on self-awareness, risk management, learning from others, valuing people, and leveraging expert insights for better decision-making.
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Meet Your Instructor

Jay Martin

Jay Martin is a veteran commodities and startup investor. Over his 15 year investment career he has funded dozens of businesses from inception to multi-hundred and billion dollar market cap.

He has established himself as a prominent figure in investment content space. His insights, knowledge and network have earned him a loyal following among retail investors worldwide. Through his YouTube channel, “The Jay Martin Show,” he provides in-depth insights into the world of investing.
His guests have included G7 Presidents and Prime Ministers, world renowned investors and serially successful entrepreneurs.
Additionally, his newsletter serves as a trusted resource for over 40,000 investors.

Each year, his annual conference, the VRIC, held in Vancouver, Canada, attracts more than 10,000+ investors, 300+ public companies and 100+ world-renowned keynote speakers.

What sets Jay Martin apart is not only his extensive knowledge but also his commitment to empowering individuals to make informed investment decisions. Through his platform, he aims to foster a brighter future for motivated investors by providing valuable guidance in navigating the ever-evolving financial landscape.
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''A Beginner's Best Friend in Investing''

"As a newcomer to investing, 'Five Simple Rules that Every Investor Needs to Follow' was exactly what I needed. The book lays out complex concepts in a simple, digestible manner. I particularly appreciated the section on identifying my investor type, which helped me understand my own investing style and risk tolerance. The practical tips on daily investment habits are also invaluable for someone just starting out."
Sarah Thompson
Graphic Designer, 28

''Essential Read for New Investors''

"Starting my investment journey felt overwhelming, but this e-book changed that. It’s a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand guide. The strategies for time management and building a team of mentors are especially helpful for beginners like me. I highly recommend it to any new investor looking for direction and clarity in the world of investing."
Alex Johnson
Software Engineer, 31



Define Your Investor Habit

Chapter 1 covers the most important question that investors never ask themselves; what kind of investor are you? Answering this question will determine everything else in your investment career - the industries you should focus on, your investment time horizon, your risk tolerance and your dream outcome, everything starts here. 


The Barbell Approach

Most investors lose because they move too fast into new opportunities. The barbell approach is an easy to apply strategy that allows you to move fast while maintaining an insurance policy along the way. This strategy assures that you only risk what you can afford to lose, minimizing your downside and maximizing your upside.


Build Your Team

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Modern media now allows you to share the room with the world's most successful investors. Successful investing often involves learning from mentors and experts whose insights resonate with you. However, it's important to be cautious of gurus who might be overly biased towards specific asset classes, potentially skewing your perspective.


People Over Everything

Investors often forget that companies are nothing more than groups of people. Understanding how to invest in the best people ensures that you are investing in the best companies. Focusing on the people behind investment opportunities, especially in high-risk sectors is crucial. Successful due diligence on individuals can mitigate risks associated with projects and market trends, leading to better investment choices.


Follow the Smartest Money

Replicate, then iterate. Identifying the smartest investors in your industry and studying their decisions and patterns will expedite the growth and success of any investor. Leveraging the investment strategies of successful money managers and investors can be a powerful approach. By observing and learning from their decisions, you can enhance your investment strategy without starting from scratch.
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Jay Martin
 4.9/ 8871 Reviews